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Warm Call From Which Tent

Photo by Merlin lightpainting from Pexels

I recall the summer of 2008, and I just graduated from high school. My good friend Peyton convinced me to attend a music festival called Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN, a few hours away.

Though I was unsure about the experience, my love for music pushed me to attend.

Entering Centeroo, I heard the call of guitar and synthesizer. Never had I heard MGMT before, but this experienced morphed into a new love of psychedelic rock. Now was “Time to Pretend.”

“This is our decision, to live fast and die young. We’ve got the vision. Now let’s have some fun.” Hinting at earlier countercultural movements, this bandembodies the resurgence of that spirit in today’s youth. The indie spirit and digital instrumentation appeal to us young folk. Check out their latest album, Little Dark Age.

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