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Special Star From My Youth

Image by Van De' Die via Shutterstock

Let me tell you about one of my greatest inspirations! Though I realize how cliché it seems, I grew so excited when Queen blasted through the car speakers as a kid. Mom recounts how I used to sing “Galileo, Galileo” from the car seat.

Freddie Mercury was rather queer, which I find relatable. Being different from the norm invites one to be unusual in other ways, too. I realize I’m unique, and being me gives me the confidence to stray from the norm, in general.

While he rarely granted interviews about his personal life, Freddie lived loud and proud. He exuded eccentricity, performed flamboyantly, and loved completely. For the love of Freddie, be your biggest self! That will be my mantra for living a vibrant life like him.

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