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Perfect Fruit Pair for Taste

Bergamot orange

Image by Antares Scorpii via Wikimedia

Bergamot may be best known for pairing with black tea in Earl Grey. This citrus fruit derives from the tropical forests of southeast Asia, and it’s a natural cross between citron and sweet lemon. Today, one finds its production endemic to southern Italy, South America, Turkey, and beyond.

People most prize it for its essential oil, which requires 100 fruits for 3 ounces. Bergamot oil is one of the most frequent components of perfumes. It pairs and harmonizes sweet aromas well. Find its flavors in confections like Turkish Delights and pastries. Side note: exposure to citrus and UV light can irritate the skin.

Nomenclature: Citrus bergamia Tastes: Citrus, sharp, spicy, sour Uses: Cocktails, extracts, jams, pastries, teas, vinaigrettes, zest, folk medicine Origin: Southeast Asia

Recipe: Bergamot Marmalade

Ingredients: Bergamots, sugar, water, sea salt. See link.

By JMHeatherly

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